Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hot Potato Salad

There are many variations of this recipe in my family by varying tastes and proportions of certain ingredients. This is definetly a dish that you need to do by taste and make it how you want it.

Bag of Red Potatoes
Miracle Whip
Splash of Milk
3-4 Eggs
Spoonful of Bacon Bits
1 white onion

1. In a large pot place peeled potatoes in boiling water and cook them for approx. 30 minutes (until they are soft enough to mash). Drain water out.
2. While cooking potatoes boil your eggs.
3. Mash potatoes, put a splash of milk in, add enough miracle whip that it makes potatoes thick and creamy. Salt & Pepper Potatoes
4. Add cut up eggs, a spoonful of bacon bits, and depending on how much onions you like chopped up onions.
5. Serve hot!

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